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(•) ≥ Simple Accessible Spoiler | Developer: AWS ≥
Shortcode [ sas_spoiler][ sas_/spoiler]
Partially OK. SAS is simple, but only works with limited pane contents. NOT GOOD AT INSERTS.
NOK for Featured as sub of SU_Spoiler. Images disrupt cascade.
Has a great Accordion UI when it works, but serious issues with Images and inserting fl_builder layouts that contain nested SpoilerS. (id=43343) Title has severe limitations: No tags nore special characters.
No CSS customisation · Status on SC’s unclear – They added SC name change so that’s now ok!
(0/5 • Only testing for now)
How can I customize design of the spoiler? › Override styles found in styles/simple-accessible-spoilers-styles.css in the theme css files.
This is for testing


[ wpbb post:acf type=’wysiwyg’ name=’featured’] [xyz-ics snippet=”reset”][xyz-ics snippet=”id” _id=”43559″]

CAUTION - The SAS Spoiler is not OK when Featured is re-inserted Go to article

[sas_spoiler title=”      Spoiler2″ initial_state=”collapsed” tag=”p” group=”0″]This is for testing[/sas_spoiler]